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There are other trailer manufacturers out there, but Stargate consistently leads the pack with our design innovation and commitment to total customer satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons why Stargate is Canada’s fastest growing aluminum trailer manufacturer.


Stargate’s Dura-Wall® patented design includes engineered vertical panels which interlock providing a solid wall without the need for panel welds. Because Dura-Wall® is stronger, lighter, thinner and smoother than Post and Sheet, it has several distinct advantages.


Dura-Wall® is STRONGER than Post & Sheet

Damage on the inside of the trailer box does not show on the outside, maintaining the trailer’s appearance over the long term and enhancing resale value.

Dura-Wall® is LIGHTER than Post & Sheet

Operating costs are reduced with Dura-Wall® technology. Dura-Wall® is lighter than Post and Sheet, and has a smooth exterior which provides for less wind resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption of 5%- 15% depending on traveling speed.

Dura-Wall® is THINNER than Post & Sheet

Since Dura-Wall® provides almost 4″ more inside width (a full 98″) as compared to standard dump boxes, increased carrying capacity can be achieved with a box of the same overall dimensions.

Dura-Wall® is SMOOTHER than Post & Sheet

Vinyl lettering of the company name, product or advertisement can be posted and used as a mobile billboard. With Stargate’s state of the art polishing facilities, Dura-Wall® can be as shiny and reflective as a mirror, making it easier to wash and maintain and increasing fuel economy.



Our dump frames are available in certified High Density T1 Steel or 6061 T-6 Aluminum.


aluminum-frame-smStargate produces a large variety of dump trailers using Aluminum Frames.

The sturdiness of the Aluminum profile with the reduced total weight of the product promotes fuel efficiency and maximizes payload without jeopardizing safety.

All our frames are reinforced with strong 3-3/4” Aluminum Cross members and can be built in a large variety of sizes as per customer requirements while still conforming with all Ministry of Transportation regulations.

Aluminum frames survive harsh North American winters better and longer than a similar steel products due to the nature of Aluminum components (rust free) providing years of total customer satisfaction.




Stargate trailers are available with various options, some of which can be seen in the photos below. We build to spec for customers all across North America. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.